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The very talented Roseberrys have been our friends for years.  When I was in college dating Alex long distance, they always welcomed me in their home.  When my oldest was born, Stacy listened and helped as we tried to figure out how to be parents.  And whenever we’re traveling to Dallas or Colorado, we check to see if they’ll be there too.

Our paths continue to cross so often, and that’s good thing.

Stacy also designed my logo.  Her eye for design is slick and modern, and I wish she could come help me decorate my home.

It was great seeing you all again, catching up, and playing with your children who are growing up too quickly.  You guys are beautiful!

Family 21 5x7 blog J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

Evan 160blog1 J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

Haley 15 blog 21 J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

Family 17 b w 8x10 blog J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

Dad and Son 2 blog J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

dad and son blog J+S+H+E = Awesome Family

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Photographers can give you some beautiful photos with wonderful colors, composition, and focus.  And that’s a wonderful thing!  It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to deliver that consistently.

The most important part of the pictures, though, are the people in it.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the lighting is too harsh or the background isn’t pretty or the pose is terrible (see photo #1) or there’s a screaming kid in it (see photo #1, again), if the people you love most are in it and it captures them at that time, it can be one of your favorites.

So take lots of photos this summer.  There are a lot of fun opportunities to capture your family and friends in this season.  Don’t be embarrassed to get in there and demand a group shot.  Everyone will be glad that you did.

blog 6 Your pictures are the best

blog 4 Your pictures are the best

blog 51 Your pictures are the best

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blog 2 Your pictures are the best

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I love getting a great portrait.  I love when children connect squarely with the camera.  And of course, I am proud when I can get a family photo with everyone looking my way.  Those are images that we frame and keep in albums for generations.

But what I love most are relational moments.  I love when people connect to each other in an unfettered way.  When I can capture that, when I can make that special moment still and silent in a photo, I get giddy.  I love that.

Today I think I got both.  You might recognize this sweet family from my gallery section.  They were my first clients outside of family and friends.  I first met them when their little man was days old; now he is months old.

Thanks, guys, for a wonderful morning.  This session was just as great as the first!

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Topher 11 blog2 Family Photos and Family Love

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June 10, 2011 Life at Home

happy bday Life at Home

This is real life for us.  We love to decorate for any occasion, especially birthdays.  And it’s these real moments that I love to capture.  Perfect smiles, pretty hair, and cute dresses are beautiful and lovely to shoot, but the real moments of our ordinary life get me most excited!

Happy Belated Birthday to my husband.  We love you, Alex!

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