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I’ve always found inspiration at I Heart Faces.  This week they’re running a contest for the “Best Face for 2012.”  As we’ve ended on year and started another, I’ve thought a lot about some of my favorite photography moments of 2012.  On a personal level, we welcomed a new baby girl this year, and I think her face has been my favorite to capture.  She changes so much everyday, and I love seeing her personality really emerge through her many expressions.  But, I can’t settle on an image for her.  My most recent is usually my favorite of our sweet baby.

There’s one image, though, that I’ve loved for months.  This spunky preschooler gave me some of the best expressions this year.  She’s got style, she’s got attitude, she’s got fun, and her gorgeous face shows it all.  Her face is so expressive and honest.  And here she is, collapsed on my blanket after an hour of running through the park, thinking….  thinking about something….  probably thinking of her next move.


Helene 12 blog Best Face 2012 *DC Childrens Photographer


 Best Face 2012 *DC Childrens Photographer

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June 5, 2012 All Boy!

Meet my dynamic nephew.  He’s goofy, spunky, and loves all things BOY.  (Boys Rule, Girls Drool! Right?)  In a family of 6 girl cousins and 1 boy, we all find his love for trucks, dinosaurs, and soccer quite refreshing!

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is “All Boy” as we celebrate Father’s Day this month.  Charlie, you are all boy, and we love every bit of it!


Charlie web All Boy!


 All Boy!


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I’ve learned so much from the I Heart Faces community.  It’s a such a valuable resource for shutter bugs of all levels.  This week’s theme is eyes. I couldn’t think of a more stunning and connected pair of eyes than these.  She’s a beauty!

IHR Eyes blog I Heart Faces: Eyes *DC Family Photography*

 I Heart Faces: Eyes *DC Family Photography*


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June 14, 2011 Bright and Vivid

Mateo 14 blog Bright and Vivid

It’s been months since I’ve posted an I Heart Faces contest.  Each week I check out the themes, entries, and winners but I keep missing the boat when it comes to posting.  I couldn’t pass this one up, though.  I took this picture of this splendid guy last night.  What vivd and bright personality he has!

 Bright and Vivid

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