About Me

about me collage About Me


I’m a family lifestyle photographer based in Houston, Texas.  I am passionate about capturing the love between parents and their children in the places they live.  It’s these beautiful relationships that I see through my lens, and it’s my complete joy when I can share them with you and your families.


I took my first photography class in high school when I was 16.  I loved it as a teen and even continued it in college.  After school, I started working as a teacher.  First, I worked in a children’s home, then as an elementary Spanish teacher, and finally with pre-schoolers.  Not until I had my own children (3 girls!), did I combine my love for photography and children and open business.  And I’m so glad I did.  I’ve never had so much fun working!


My husband is a pastor, and his job has taken us all over the country.  We’ve lived in 5 states in 12 years and love adventure-  the mountain tops, big sky, and sunrises.