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What a beautiful morning with this sweet family! It was still early, but the sun was high in Galveston and the little ones had lots of energy and many bright smiles. They ran, played, and enjoyed some awesome family time together.

For me, the morning was extra fun. I had not seen their mom, my friend, since high school (which feels like yesterday). To see her again and meet her wonderful husband and her precious children was really special. I can see so much of her in her children- their beautiful eyes and easy smile and fun loving spirit.

I love these fun sunny images and the awesome family love they represent.  Enjoy!


26b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

43b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

44b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

8 b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

11b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

15b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

17 b1 Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

24b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

41b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

37b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

36b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

12b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

Flying high this summer and enjoying the freedom of summer.

More of this awesome kid coming soon!


17 blog Beach Fun *Galveston TX Photographer

Fun, Love, Beauty! The three words that sum up this family and the time we had together.  We dodged the storms this weekend and found a stream of sunshine pouring through the trees just for us.  And it was pretty magical!

These sweet sisters are really special.  Their gorgeous read hair, bright eyes, and sense of wonder are captivating.  They played and giggled and especially lit up when they were in their parents’ arms.    Nothing is better than a snuggle with mommy or playing with daddy.

I love these pictures and the love they represent.  Thank you for a beautiful evening, enjoy!


27 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

31 b new Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

32 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

17 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

44 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

43 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

36 bnew Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

14 b1 Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

5 b new Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

2 b n Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

48 b Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

47 bnew Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography

22 bnew Beauty  *Houston Childrens Photography


A perfect little boy has entered the world, and he is as cute and wonderful as can be! The little guy doesn’t seem to cry (or nap that much :-). He is alert, content, and taking it all in.

He is just taking all his mom and dad’s love in, and there’s a lot of love there! Happy to be snuggled and adored.

It was precious to meet him and his family last weekend. They have such a peaceful home, not to mention a beautiful nursery. I love the pictures we got, and the beauty, peace, and love they represent.


39 b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

31b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

34b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

38b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

14 b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

27b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

9b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

1b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

2 b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

6b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

16b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

4b Baby Boy *Houston Newborn Photography

I recently had the pleasure to snap a few shots of this incredibly adorable baby girl- what a beauty! We did her newborn pictures just a few months back and my goodness, how she has grown.

I love that we again stayed in her own space, as she cuddled in her mama’s arms, rocking in the same chair as before. Simple, lovely shots, focused on her bright eyes and enveloped in loving embrace.

Also see her newborns here.


10 b n c1 Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

6 b c1 Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

7 b2 Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

19 b new c1 Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

20 b Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

9 blog Sweet *Houston Baby Photographer

I met up recently with this sweet family for a Mother’s Day Mini Session. How the little ones have grown (look at that baby walking)! And, how they love their mama! It was sweet to see them play and hug and laugh.

Happy Mother’s Day! What a precious crew. I was great to see you all again!

2 b1 Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

5b Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

3 b Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

7 b1 Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

17 b1 Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

11 b Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

10 b1 Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

9 b1 Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

1 bb Mothers Mini *Houston Family Photographer

There were so many wonderful moments in this family session.  We had 4 generations spending an afternoon together, a little guy taking some of his first steps, and many laughs and smiles.  I just love the beauty and importance of these images.

It’s always a sweet pleasure to photograph this crew-  Happy Mother’s Day to these 3 wonderful women!  And happy walking to this little guy-  what an awesome milestone.


23 blog 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

22 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

13 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

9 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

5 b3 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

11 bl 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

26 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

15 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

28 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer

29 b 4 Generations *Houston Photographer


I had a wonderful afternoon with the spunkiest girl in town- high energy, super expressive with dazzling personality. She is a blast!  A total talent, a ball of energy, and a ton of fun.

And even better was seeing her full on, all out love for her mom.  The joy they have together makes you giggle and the connection they have will bring you to tears.  And her mama’s love for her?  To the moon and back.

I love this pair- and it was a true, true honor to photograph them.


1 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

6 b2 FUN *Houston Family Photographer

5 b2 FUN *Houston Family Photographer

7 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

10 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

8 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

2 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

14 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

21 b FUN *Houston Family Photographer

It’s May and time to celebrate our Moms!

My friend, a beautiful and super talented Houston mommy, is pretty fantastic. I love that I got to photograph her with her adorable children. I love that while we spent a short time together, these images will endure forever. She will cherish them, and in good time, her children will cherish them too.

And finally, I love that they show how much she LOVES and CHERISHES them. Their bond is so strong and special and evident.  Have I used the word LOVE enough?  I hope so!

I love them.

6 b1 Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

4 b Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

12 b Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

5 b1 Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

17 b Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

19 b Motherhood *Houston Family Photographer

With such great anticipation, this sweet baby brother has joined his family, and they couldn’t be more thrilled! Big brother and 3 doggies included!

This new little guy is adorable, relaxed, and unfazed by the busy life around him. He sleeps and dreams and snuggles- perfect in every way. His big brother is pretty cute too! It was fun to see his excitement with a new brother, grandparents in town, and of course, just being 2 is straight up exciting.

And his parents? Cool, calm, and soaking in all the love.

Bringing a new life into the world is a huge deal, and it was a pleasure to help record that for them. Enjoy!


3 blog New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

30 blog New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

32 blog New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

33 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

36 bl New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

25 bloggg New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

22 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

10 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

20b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

14 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

13 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

17 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography

16 b New Brother *Houston Baby Photography