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We had a blast catching this little guy’s smiles. He loved showing off his climbing, walking, giggling, and games. He is such a joy and quite the entertainer, and I was loving it. I could’ve taken his pictures all day long.

Thank you to this beautiful family, enjoy!

33b2 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

31b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

18b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

15b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

36b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

37b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

7b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

2b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

9b2 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

11b1 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

23b2 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

24b2 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

39b2 Houston Childrens Photography *West U Photographer

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This baby girl is the sweetest, most precious baby you’ll ever meet. Her parents, family, and doggies are head-over-heals in love with her. And, it was a complete honor to spend time them all, make these beautiful pictures, and help them celebrate the arrival of their precious daughter.


1b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

6b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

10b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

9b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

23b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

20b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

22 b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

14b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

15bw Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

24b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

27b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

28b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

33b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

39b Newborn Baby *Houston baby photographer

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We got so many great images of this extended family! They were a blast to photograph- 4 beautiful girls giggling is such a joy.

Many thanks again to this awesome family- you guys are the best!

24bb Houston Family Photography 11b1 Houston Family Photography 9bb Houston Family Photography 28b1 Houston Family Photography 7bb Houston Family Photography 22b Houston Family Photography 19b Houston Family Photography 17bb Houston Family Photography 14b Houston Family Photography 1bb Houston Family Photography 28bb Houston Family Photography 21b Houston Family Photography 30b1 Houston Family Photography 24b Houston Family Photography

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These twin brothers are the cutest, happiest, busiest little buddies in town! What fun we had! Our goal was to get great pictures of the 2 of them together, and we did just that.

Giggly, playful, loving, and super sweet!  Thanks for an awesome morning- Enjoy!


10b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

34b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

31b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

12b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

13b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

17b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

16b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

35b1 Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

26b1 Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

1b1 Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

9b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

32b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

11b Brothers!  Houston Childrens Photography

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I love when the entire family can get together for pictures! It’s a special time to celebrate life, family, and love. I had a fantastic time with this precious family- they’re easy going, easy to laugh, and really enjoy being with each other. These girls made my job especially easy. They loved posing and playing, and I loved catching all their smiles!

54b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 40b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 39b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 5b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 26b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 30b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 57b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 8b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 36b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 1b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 28b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park 35b Houston Family Photography *Memorial Park

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This summer is sailing by!  I’m having a great time catching up with clients, new and old, and photographing their little ones.

This group of little Houstonians are a special bunch!  They grow so quickly- from birth to 1 year, it’s amazing.


7b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 13b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 25b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 27b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 33b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 181b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 9b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 20b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 231b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 29b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 24b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 18b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 23b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 5b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer 19b Sweet Babies *Houston Portrait Photographer

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Summer is in full swing and vacations are underway! It was a pleasure to meet this extended family on Galveston Beach to celebrate family. It’s a blessing to spend time together, and it was a pleasure for me to help them capture it. We got some absolutely fantastic images together, and I’m so pleased to share them with you!

Cheers to summer and family!


31 b Galveston Beach Photographer 36b1 Galveston Beach Photographer 18b Galveston Beach Photographer 23b1 Galveston Beach Photographer 32 b Galveston Beach Photographer 5b Galveston Beach Photographer 8b Galveston Beach Photographer 13b Galveston Beach Photographer 3b1 Galveston Beach Photographer 22b Galveston Beach Photographer 28 b Galveston Beach Photographer 27b Galveston Beach Photographer 41b Galveston Beach Photographer 42b Galveston Beach Photographer 47b Galveston Beach Photographer 53b Galveston Beach Photographer 52b Galveston Beach Photographer 51b Galveston Beach Photographer 39 b Galveston Beach Photographer 60b Galveston Beach Photographer 58b Galveston Beach Photographer

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This lovely family has welcomed me into their home several times over the last couple of years, and it’s been a delight to get to know them and watch their family grow.  They recently welcomed a beautiful little girl.  She’s a blessing and joy!  The whole family is over the moon excited to have her in the home to dote on, love on, and snuggle.

She is perfect in every way.  Many congratulations and blessings to you all!


4 b Houston Newborn Photographer 3b Houston Newborn Photographer 11b Houston Newborn Photographer 9b Houston Newborn Photographer 14b Houston Newborn Photographer 23b Houston Newborn Photographer 17b Houston Newborn Photographer 20b Houston Newborn Photographer 21b Houston Newborn Photographer 36b Houston Newborn Photographer 39b Houston Newborn Photographer 28b Houston Newborn Photographer 29b Houston Newborn Photographer 30b Houston Newborn Photographer

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We had some super fun mini sessions this May!  These little ones light up around the camera.  I love their big smiles and active ways.

Fun, active, and beautiful!


16 b Houston Childrens Photographer

11 Houston Childrens Photographer

14b Houston Childrens Photographer

3b Houston Childrens Photographer

14bl Houston Childrens Photographer

5bl Houston Childrens Photographer

7 crop 2 Houston Childrens Photographer

9bl Houston Childrens Photographer

11 b1 Houston Childrens Photographer

8blog Houston Childrens Photographer

7b Houston Childrens Photographer

5b2 Houston Childrens Photographer

12b2 Houston Childrens Photographer

13bl Houston Childrens Photographer

12 Houston Childrens Photographer

14blog Houston Childrens Photographer

16bl Houston Childrens Photographer

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We had a beautiful and lively family session on Galveston Beach together.  We caught a milestone- this little guy stood by himself for the first time!  Such fun to be there and cheer him on.  Isn’t he the cutest?!  He loves the sand and beach!

His older cousin also had a blast running in the waves, collecting sea shells, and drawing in the sand.  It was a morning to be together and relax, be carefree.  The waves, the wind, and the freedom of the beach is exhilarating, and I love the images we captured there.

Thank you for a wonderful session, I loved every minute.  Enjoy!


13b1 Galveston Family Photography A11b Galveston Family Photography 18b1 Galveston Family Photography A2b Galveston Family Photography A8b Galveston Family Photography 26b Galveston Family Photography 32b Galveston Family Photography A16b Galveston Family Photography 21b Galveston Family Photography 34b Galveston Family Photography 35b Galveston Family Photography A4b Galveston Family Photography A12b Galveston Family Photography A14b Galveston Family Photography 25b2 Galveston Family Photography 8b1 Galveston Family Photography 10b Galveston Family Photography 11b Galveston Family Photography A13b Galveston Family Photography

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