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We had some super fun mini sessions this May!  These little ones light up around the camera.  I love their big smiles and active ways.

Fun, active, and beautiful!


16 b Houston Childrens Photographer

11 Houston Childrens Photographer

14b Houston Childrens Photographer

3b Houston Childrens Photographer

14bl Houston Childrens Photographer

5bl Houston Childrens Photographer

7 crop 2 Houston Childrens Photographer

9bl Houston Childrens Photographer

11 b1 Houston Childrens Photographer

8blog Houston Childrens Photographer

7b Houston Childrens Photographer

5b2 Houston Childrens Photographer

12b2 Houston Childrens Photographer

13bl Houston Childrens Photographer

12 Houston Childrens Photographer

14blog Houston Childrens Photographer

16bl Houston Childrens Photographer

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We had a beautiful and lively family session on Galveston Beach together.  We caught a milestone- this little guy stood by himself for the first time!  Such fun to be there and cheer him on.  Isn’t he the cutest?!  He loves the sand and beach!

His older cousin also had a blast running in the waves, collecting sea shells, and drawing in the sand.  It was a morning to be together and relax, be carefree.  The waves, the wind, and the freedom of the beach is exhilarating, and I love the images we captured there.

Thank you for a wonderful session, I loved every minute.  Enjoy!


13b1 Galveston Family Photography A11b Galveston Family Photography 18b1 Galveston Family Photography A2b Galveston Family Photography A8b Galveston Family Photography 26b Galveston Family Photography 32b Galveston Family Photography A16b Galveston Family Photography 21b Galveston Family Photography 34b Galveston Family Photography 35b Galveston Family Photography A4b Galveston Family Photography A12b Galveston Family Photography A14b Galveston Family Photography 25b2 Galveston Family Photography 8b1 Galveston Family Photography 10b Galveston Family Photography 11b Galveston Family Photography A13b Galveston Family Photography

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This family is so beautiful, kind, and cool. I’ve loved every session I’ve had with them, especially this gorgeous evening we spent at the Menil.

Watching this little one grow from the sweetest newborn to learning to walk, and now becoming a big sister– it’s a real treat.   I’m a broken record on this, but it’s true: family portraits are so valuable, and I absolutely love creating them.  I love my clients, I love 2 year old smiles, and I love capturing them in beautiful ways.  Thanks for another awesome session!



1b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

5b1 Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

8b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

25b1 Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

24b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

23b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

30 b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

28b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

27 b1 Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

15b1 Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

12b1 Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

13b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

20b Houston Family Lifestyle Photographer

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I love these people- I love this beautiful mama who I’ve known for 20+ years, her husband who is so cool and kind, her son who has gone from a baby to a young boy so quickly, and now her newborn daughter who is beautiful, sweet, and perfect in every way.

We got some gorgeous images of them all, plus we had the treat of the grandmothers being there. There is nothing better than families lovingly gathered together welcoming their newest member.

Welcome, little girl, you are so, so, so loved!

39b new Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

40b new Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

11 b new Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

12newb Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

4bnew Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

10 b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

15 b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

16b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

18b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

47b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

25b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

5b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

30b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

49b Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer

43b new Houston Memorial Newborn Photographer


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This little guy is the cutest, happiest, most curious toddler in Houston! We had a great morning playing and following his lead. I loved capturing him in his element- free to roam and be an active little guy. Plus, he loved receiving all the love and attention from him sweet parents. And in that fun loving setting, we got some great images of them all together- full of love and joy!

It was wonderful. Thanks for an awesome session!

39 b1 League City Family Photographer

14 blog1 League City Family Photographer

10b1 League City Family Photographer

12b1 League City Family Photographer

30b2 League City Family Photographer

29b1 League City Family Photographer

19 cropped b League City Family Photographer

9b1 League City Family Photographer

6b1 League City Family Photographer

7b2 League City Family Photographer

34b2 League City Family Photographer

23b2 League City Family Photographer

24b League City Family Photographer

28b League City Family Photographer

18b new League City Family Photographer

35 b new League City Family Photographer

3b2 League City Family Photographer


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I’m excited to share these beautiful images of an amazing couple!

Newly engaged and more in love than ever, they were a dream to photograph. Not only are they gorgeous and very stylish, they are beaming with excitement. With so much emotion and love in the air, my job was easy.

Thank you, both, for a wonderful session. Again, many congratulations!!

23b1 Houston Engagement Photographer

30b1 Houston Engagement Photographer

33b Houston Engagement Photographer

34 b Houston Engagement Photographer

35b Houston Engagement Photographer

3b Houston Engagement Photographer

4b Houston Engagement Photographer

8b Houston Engagement Photographer

17b Houston Engagement Photographer

7b Houston Engagement Photographer

13b1 Houston Engagement Photographer

22b Houston Engagement Photographer


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I’m in love with this photo session so, so, so very much.  I got to meet up with a dear friend from college, at her lovely home, with her beautiful family, and help them celebrate the life of their new baby girl.

It was fun, relaxed, and full of love.  From big sister gardening during the session, big brother photographing me while I photographed him, little baby resting peacefully in her family’s arms, mom and dad’s sincere love for each other, and the little sun shower we had,  it was a delightful morning.  We got some images that I think they’ll treasure for many years to come.



31 b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

42b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

41b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

21b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

2 b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

29b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

10b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

11b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

12b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

23b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

26b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

13b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

18b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

34b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

36b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

30b Houston Heights Lifestyle Photography

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Welcome to the world, sweet baby sister! You are a dream baby- a perfect, pretty, petite little girl who lets you cuddle her, kiss her, dote on her, and perhaps most importantly, play with her. This little one is special in every way.

I love this family so much, and couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

Welcome sweet little girl, we are so glad you are here!


1 cropped b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

3b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

9b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

11b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

15 proof Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

16 b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

13b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

22bl Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

26b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

18 bl Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

23b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

28 b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

25b Baby Sister *West U Baby Photographer

I love photographing these friends of mine. This time around, they were looking for a picture for an Easter card. I asked, do you want to try a new location around town for pictures? And she said, no, I’m loving the at home, relaxed pictures these days.

So do I!

So we hung out under the flowering vines, swinging, and talking, and enjoying the sunshine. We got some wonderful pictures that captured the life of a family of 4 with 2 spunky kids and lots of love.

Love you guys- Enjoy!


5b Houston At Home Family Photography

15b Houston At Home Family Photography

2b2 Houston At Home Family Photography

32 blog Houston At Home Family Photography

31 b Houston At Home Family Photography

28 b Houston At Home Family Photography

14b1 Houston At Home Family Photography

25 b Houston At Home Family Photography

29 blog Houston At Home Family Photography

11b1 Houston At Home Family Photography

8b Houston At Home Family Photography

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The most precious baby girl has been born to the most amazing couple, and it was such a pleasure to meet her.  Through school and church, I’ve witnessed her mom’s 9 month journey and was excited to meet her, and she’s as beautiful as I knew she would be!

What I underestimated, though, was how much I loved seeing this sweet family  grow to be a family of 4 (Max the dog is a major part of the family, not to mention how handsome and well behaved he is!).  Mom and Dad work together as a TEAM.  They are on the same page, parenting like pros, and totally head-over-heals in love with their baby girl.

Such a joyful and beautiful family.  Many, many congratulations!  Enjoy!



3b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

11b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

14b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

15 b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

17 b2 Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

21b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

18b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

24b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

22b1 Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

26b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

27b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

12b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

9b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

7b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

35b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

36 b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

34b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

40 b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography

38 cropped b Shes here!  *Newborn Photography