Do one year olds get any cuter!? This little guy and his stylish hat are heart melting. He is so sweet, curious, and happy, and I think his parents are pretty awesome as well.

It was a privilege to take their pictures again and help them add to their growing collection of family pictures in their hallway.

Thanks, friends!


27 edited Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

29 copy Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

8 edit new Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

3 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

26 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer
17 editted Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

13 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

20 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

21 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

otro bl Sunny *Houston Family Photographer

31 edit Sunny *Houston Family Photographer






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We enjoyed a wonderfully long weekend in Dallas – part vacation / part photographing. This family includes both- my big brother, his beautiful wife, and their spunky, fun-loving, gorgeous daughters. I love them all!

I also love this location. They are an urban family, so they needed an urban setting. I love the textures, the colors, and the modern feel it gives.

I love you guys!


6b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

4 b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

3b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

13b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

5 b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

8 b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

12b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

10b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

9 b Urban *Houston Family Photographer

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3 babes under 4 years is not easy, but this wonderful mom does it with ease, beauty, and so much love. We had the perfect Saturday morning together playing under the Live Oaks.

It was a real honor to take their pictures-  a special gift to this mom for her birthday.  I hope they are framed around their home and enjoyed for many, many years to come!



40 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

1 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

30 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

11 b Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

9 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

38 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

52 blog Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

23 b Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

18 crop tigther b Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

27 b Beautiful *Houston Childrens Portraits

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She is one of the cutest babies I’ve seen … 4 months, still such a baby but so strong, expressive, interested, and happy.  Grabbing her toes, sucking her fist, watching her mommy, and laughing at her daddy.

She’s wearing a very special baptismal gown.  If I’m not mistaken, her beautiful gown has been worn by 4 generations and about 20 babies in all– an incredible history!  I know her baptismal day will be special.

I loved taking her pictures.  I also loved spending an hour with her wonderful parents.  It’s fun to be in the same city with them where our paths will cross much more often.  Thanks guys, it was a fun morning… Enjoy!

15 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

25 needs warm b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

24 blog Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

28 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

23 b1 Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

22 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

21 too red b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

26 focus b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

4 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

6 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

7 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer

1 b Loved!  *Houston Baby Photographer




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I think photographs make such great gifts.  I recently did this session for this beautiful extended family, expanding 4 generations.  It was a Christmas gift for their mom, and it was a wonderful time of not only getting great images of everyone together, but also quality family time spent over Labor Day.

I really enjoy bringing families together, celebrating the life and love we have today, and sharing it for the generations to come.

I hope these are images they cherish for decades to come!  Thank you to you all!


3 blog Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

8 blog Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

11 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

10 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

12 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

14 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

16 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

18 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

19 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

17 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

23 b Gifts * Houston Family Photographer

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We had such a sweetly serene summer at the pool.

The relaxing heat, the sunlight through the trees, the floating and soaring through the water.

We didn’t want it to end.  So with these, I hoped to stop time a little, to capture the essence of our first summer in Houston.  With just a Kodak underwater camera, I think I did just that.

Hasta luego, verano, hasta pronto.


swim 1 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 6 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 3 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 4 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 2 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 7 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 5 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

swim 8 Underwater *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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What a fun, loving, and easy-going brother and sister pair!  (Not to mention super polite, as well.)   It was a delight to meet them this weekend, see them play, and catch some natural shots of them and their lovely parents.

I love letting the children lead the way, express themselves, and shine.

My favorite kind of session.



30 copy 2 Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

25 copy more work 2 Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

31 copy1 Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

4 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

7 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

1 n Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

23 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

collage 1 smith Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

11 bw1 Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer


collage 2 smith Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer 36 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

37 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

49 web Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

44 copy Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

47 bw Family *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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I took some portraits of this lovely lady last week, and I couldn’t help but share. She is so beautiful. While family lifestyle is my number 1, I often have various other jobs. Women’s portraiture is one area that I’ve grown to love more and more. I really think everyone should have a nice picture of themselves, especially women.

This young lady has the world in front of her… job prospects, career options, so much potential. It was a pleasure to take her picture at this gorgeous time in her life.


16 w Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer

15 bw w Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer

20 w Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer

9 w Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer

Untitled 1 Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer

5 web Portraits  *Houston Portrait Photographer


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We had a fabulous vacation. Fun family time, cooler temperatures, wild exploration, and much needed rest and relaxation.

Yesterday, the girls and I pulled out the previous year’s vacation book. Look how we’ve all grown! Then we went further back, and leafed through all of our photo books. The perfect summer activity. And then I sat to make this year’s book. The whole family will receive one and hopefully enjoy it like a yearbook. An annual marking of our lives together. Here are some of my favorite images.

I really don’t want summer to end.



68 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

1 blog Vacation *Houston Photograher

4 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

5 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

6 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

12 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

17 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

15 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

13 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

20 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

21 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

25 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

29 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

30  Vacation *Houston Photograher

31 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

35 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

38 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

40 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

41 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

46 f Vacation *Houston Photograher

45 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

49 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

54 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

53 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

56 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

55 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

57 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

61 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

63 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

62 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

65 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

66 b Vacation *Houston Photograher

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My girls.

Love them.

We’re soaking up every ounce of summer.


delia dance google blog Summer *Houston Childrens Photographer


Elo sprinker 1 blog Summer *Houston Childrens Photographer

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