What a delight it was to meet this beautiful little girl last weekend. She is perfect in every way- her tiny nose, her sweet lips, all 20 fingers and toes- a gorgeous, miracle of life! She is strong, active, and already very curious about the world.

I loved meeting her, and I really loved watching her mom and dad and grandmother admire her every move. They dote and love and are completely consumed by her beauty. What a blessing she is to many!

Many congratulations to this new, beautiful family of 3!


1 bw b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

3 bw b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

6b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

8b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

13 b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

25b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

10b1 Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

26 bw b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

28 b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

29 b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

30 b Baby Girl *Houston Newborn Photographer

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I’m often asked what type of photography I do, and I answer that I specialize in family photography, especially families with little ones.  But honestly, most families stop taking pictures after the first few years because life gets busy and time moves too quickly.  (Not a real specialty, just the market.  :-)  Then, when teens start approaching their senior year (HUGE milestone), families start coming back for pictures.

I loved meeting up with this family to not only get this awesome senior’s pictures, but also grab shots of the entire family.  My motto is “the more, the merrier!”  Why not throw in mom, dad, and sister?  Let’s get everyone fresh, beautiful portraits!

Plus, these two teens are really awesome.  They’re low key and fun to be around.  Their self-confident and comfortable, and they are really great friends.  It was a refreshing morning hanging out with them, learning about high school traditions, and talking about what the future might bring.

Thank you to you all- it was a pleasure!

16b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

15 bw Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

10b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

7 b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

8 b2 Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography


2 bw Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

17b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

24 bwb Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

18b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

23b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

22b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

39 b Senior Portraits *Houston Family Photography

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September 25, 2015 Family Holiday Time

Fall is here, and we are taking lots of family photos . . . Especially families with preschoolers! Here’s a fun sampling of the some of Houston’s finest youngsters. They are fun, sweet, full of life, giggly, and joyful.

And, their parents are pretty awesome too.


6b Family Holiday Time

2jb 682x1024 Family Holiday Time

10Rb Family Holiday Time

8b Family Holiday Time

13Nsb Family Holiday Time

10eb Family Holiday Time

3snb Family Holiday Time

4b Family Holiday Time

4Rb Family Holiday Time

12Jb Family Holiday Time

10jb Family Holiday Time

4NSb Family Holiday Time

16b Family Holiday Time

3eb Family Holiday Time

14sNb Family Holiday Time

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I met this beautiful little girl last week, and had the pleasure of spending some time with her lovely parents. What perfect little baby!  She’s already alert and absorbing the world around her.  With her big brown eyes, cute little lips, and dainty fingers and toes, you just want to hold her tight.

Her parents are impressively calm and collected as they bond with her.  Their abundant love pours from them as they hug, kiss, and cuddle.  It was a real privilege to help them capture these images of their sweet little one, images they will cherish for many years to come.

Your family is precious, many congratulations and blessings!


2b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

3b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

22 b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

29b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

32b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

25b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

27 b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

35b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

36b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

37b Lovely Newborn *Houston Baby Photographer

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What a pleasure to meet this gorgeous family. Mom and Dad are so kind, big brother is handsome, doting, and super fun, and baby sister is PRECIOUS. She is perfection! Perfect with the cutest little features and sweetest demeanor. All I heard from her were sweet coos and sighs with tender smiles and cuddles.

I especially loved seeing how much everyone adores her. How precious are these pictures of big brother taking care of little sister? No doubt there will be many, many years of him looking out for her.

Love abounds in this home, and it was a pleasure to be there. Many congratulations to you all!


15b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

24b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

4b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

5b1 Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

19bnew Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

20b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

6b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

10b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

26b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

18b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

28b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

27b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

30 b Precious *Houston Baby Photographer

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We attacked the mountains the last couple of weeks with courage and energy, and we returned to the cabin each night to relax and enjoy.

Vacations are the best, and this one was spectacular!


205 b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

81b1 Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

36b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

5b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

60b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

62b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

61b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

66b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

63b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

69b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

89b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

2b1 Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

80b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

88b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

17b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

23b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

90b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

102b1 Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer

99b Vacation *Bellaire TX Family Photographer


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I did a quick session over at this sweet girl’s house this weekend to get pictures of her in a very special dress. As we prepared, the family showed me pictures of her mom and grandmother in the dress and told me stories of how great grandmother perfectly kept it so it could be passed on. Their history of love and care runs deep.

Maybe in 30 years time, they’ll all be gathered again, looking at the 3 generations of portraits in the dress and preparing to take another special little girls picture again.


4b The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

11b The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

10b1 The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

5 b The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

12 b The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

13b1 The Dress *Houston Baby Photography

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The early morning heat didn’t stop this sweet family from lots of laughs, infectious smiles, and awesome energy. It’s so natural to them when they’re spending time together and playing with their little guy. How could it not be? He’s the cutest almost-one-year-old in town!

His toothy grin is precious!

It was a real pleasure to see them again, explore the new gardens of Hermann Park together (they’re beautiful! check them out!), and get some great family pictures for them. Thanks for a beautiful time together!



17b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

20b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

38 b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

33 b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

32b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

30b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

9 b1 Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

10b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

39b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

13b Joy!  *Houston Baby Photographer

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What a beautiful morning with this sweet family! It was still early, but the sun was high in Galveston and the little ones had lots of energy and many bright smiles. They ran, played, and enjoyed some awesome family time together.

For me, the morning was extra fun. I had not seen their mom, my friend, since high school (which feels like yesterday). To see her again and meet her wonderful husband and her precious children was really special. I can see so much of her in her children- their beautiful eyes and easy smile and fun loving spirit.

I love these fun sunny images and the awesome family love they represent.  Enjoy!


26b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

43b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

44b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

8 b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

11b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

15b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

17 b1 Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

24b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

41b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

37b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

36b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

12b Beach Time *Galveston Photographer

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Flying high this summer and enjoying the freedom of summer.

More of this awesome kid coming soon!


17 blog Beach Fun *Galveston TX Photographer

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