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He’s here!  With such long and excited anticipation, he has finally arrived.  He’s a small guy with these cute long feet that he crosses at his ankles…. you just know he was doing that in the womb. It was fun to do both the maternity and newborn pictures for this family, watching the miracle of life unfold.  Each step of life is truly a miracle, something that is confirmed to me each time I meet a new baby and his parents.

Aiden, you are well loved .  Your parents are crazy for you.  They oooh, they ahhh, they snuggle, and they love rubbing your sweet nose.  

They both, separately, gave you eskimo kisses on your nose.  Love.


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We hit the trail early Saturday morning to find the best bluebonnets in the region.  From Brenham to Chappell Hill to Independence, we saw many gorgeous fields.  But, our best find of the day was the Old Baylor College ruins.  An open field to explore, ruins, a historic reenactment, and of course swings to swing and trees to climb.  Considering the beauty of the spot, it was rather quiet which made playing much more fun.  Eloise hijacked my phone and took lots of photos, Phoebe spent most of her time swinging, and Cordelia climbed and climbed.

Alex and I enjoyed the fresh air and quality family time away from the city.  Thanks to Alex for these great photos of me and my girls . . . these are the ones I think I’ll treasure the most.


12 facebook Bluebonnets *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

3 Facebook3 Bluebonnets *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

4 Facebook1 Bluebonnets *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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2 Facebook Bluebonnets *Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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Last week, this precious little girl arrived into the most beautiful family.  So little and sweet and pure and perfect.  Knowing her parents, she’s surely got a heart of gold, a kindness that knows no bounds, and a joy for life that’s real.  And knowing her big sister, she’s fun and playful and determined and adorable.

But most of all, she is full of love.  Cherished upon her arrival and adored by all.

It was an honor to meet her and spend the morning with her family.



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I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful spring evening with this outstanding young lady.  Freshly 18, she’s a high school senior, graduating at the top of her class, and headed to a top notch university.  Hook ‘em Horns!  Not only is she beautiful, kind, and fun, she’s also highly accomplished.  She and her family have a lot to be proud of!

I hope you enjoy this final stretch of high school, enjoy your friendships and celebrate your many accomplishments.  And keep dreaming and working, you’ve got so much more to live!

It was fun, enjoy!


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Meet one of the newest and brightest Houstonians.  He may be a newborn, but he’s a big, healthy, and already valiant little guy.  He’s come into a family that dreams BIG dreams for him.  He is well loved and completely cherished, not to mention incredibly cute as well.

In my time photographing him, I couldn’t help but see how much these parents love each other.  With their new son, after the daunting nature of labor and delivery, and in the presence of the miracle of life, this husband and wife are more united and truly in love.  Not only did I catch many longing looks of them and their baby, but I also caught many of them together.

The love the baby brings a family is special and strong.  Congratulations and blessings on your sweet superhero son!  He is amazing.



3 Facebook1 Super Boy!  *Houston Newborn Photography

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2 facebook Super Boy!  *Houston Newborn Photography

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One of my goals for 2014 is to turn to camera back on us.  More pictures of my children, more pictures of our family, and more pictures of me!   I’m taking (and printing) a #photoaday on Instagram (@emilylargephoto.. follow me and I’ll follow you!) and hiring a fabulous photographer to come to our home soon to help me reach these goals.  And, I’m printing more.  Printing and hanging more images like this one.  I LOVE this one!

Because I’m learning this lesson too clearly—  just because their mom is a photographer, doesn’t mean they have tons of photos of them in frames around the house.  I’m working to fix that!


sisters feb 2014 My Girls *Houston Childrens Photographer

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She’s glowing and excited and already full of love for her little baby.

They are in love, strongly united, and ready to meet their child.

In just a few weeks, baby will be here, snuggled in their arms . . .  and they will be in complete awe.  It’s such a beautiful moment in life.


3 Facebook Ready *Houston Maternity Photographer

6 Facebook Ready *Houston Maternity Photographer

8 Facebook Ready *Houston Maternity Photographer

9 Facebook Ready *Houston Maternity Photographer

10 Facebook Ready *Houston Maternity Photographer


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People often comment, “You must take lots of pictures of your children…” and I used to, but I’ve become complacent lately when photographing my own family. My littlest has few, so it’s become a New Years resolution. More (non-cellphone) pictures of my girls.


Here’s my youngest, roaming the front yard, enjoying the Spring-like weather, keeping her snacks close at all times, and hugging her daddy.  One and a half, an adorable age.  A precious toddling time I don’t want to forget!




FEb 14 Phoe 5 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

Feb 14 Phoe 41 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

FEb 14 Phoebe My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

Feb 14 Phoe 2 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

Feb 14 Phoe 3 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

Phoebe feb 141 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography

sisters feb 14 My Girl *Houston Childrens Photography



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We had a fantastic time on Saturday afternoon! What a privilege for me to be with this family as they celebrate love and life together.

They gathered together in Houston to celebrate 35 years of marriage. What an inspiration to witness their enduring love, 3 kind and wonderful children, their sweet spouses, and of course, 2 rambunctious, curious, and happy toddlers. (The little guy celebrating his 1st birthday as well!)

So beautiful inside and out. I’m pleased they’ll have these images to celebrate their family history, cherish each day together, and remember this time for many years to come.


2 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

31 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

33 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

36 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

40 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

42 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

44 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

45 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

48 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

web collage Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

57 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

67 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

64 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

70 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

72 web Celebrate *Houston Family Photographer

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