I’ve done  a lot of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday photo sessions, and I love doing those.  But this birthday session was in many ways even better.  All of her family traveled from about 5 different states to be together for her very special day.  What a happy day it was!  A happy, happy birthday!  Happy 75th Birthday!

I loved that everyone came together as a family.  They enjoyed yummy coffee cake, fresh coffee, and lots of laughs.  The little ones played with the older ones, and the infant snuggled with her mommy. One of the brightest parts of the day was getting pictures of the great-grandparents with the grand babies.  What a unique moment in time!

You guys are all so unique and fun.  I really enjoyed our time together!  Thank you and enjoy!

w1 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w2 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w3 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w5 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w6 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w7 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w8 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w9 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w10 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w11 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w12 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w13 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

w15 Happy Birthday!  *DC Family Photographer

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This is one of my favorite families in DC.   Our children have been in class together for several years, and we’ve enjoyed watching them play and grow together.  These children are funny, happy, and as you can see, so stinkin’ cute!

My daughters love playing with them, and the best part is that I LOVE hanging out with their mom.  She is my friend!  She is  caring, energetic, supportive, and real.  It was my true pleasure to meet up with them at the National Cathedral’s Bishop’s Garden and take their pictures.

Enjoy these images.  You are all so stylish and BEAUTIFUL!

(And Happy Halloween!)


w19 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w28 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w37 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w46 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w58 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w67 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w77 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w131 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w98 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w141 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w108 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w116 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

w125 Favorite Family *DC Family Photographer

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Do you remember last Thursday?  Do you remember how incredibly warm and sunny and gorgeous it was?  Do you remember what an incredibly colorful fall we were enjoying before Frankenstorm started heading our way?

I’m so glad I got to meet up with this lovely family before the weather turned!  We had a wonderful time playing together in and around their home.  We ran, threw leaves, jumped, hugged, and smiled a lot.  We got some beautiful shots of these little ones, but then again, it’s easy when they are so beautiful and easy going.  (Not to mention really great listeners, too!)

It was a real pleasure to meet you all!  Thanks for a fun afternoon.  Enjoy!


w18 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w27 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w36 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w45 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w57 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w66 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w76 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w86 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w97 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w107 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w115 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

w124 Lovely Little Ones *DC Family Photographer

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Meet my energetic little friend.  When she gets super excited, her slight frame starts shaking, her smile shines, and her eyes sparkle.  She can’t contain the excitement!  It was easy to catch her smiles because she’s just so happy all the time.  What a dream of a girl!

We met downtown at the National Museum of the American Indian, a very special place for this family and one of the most beautiful buildings in DC.  Not to mention one of our favorite lunch places!  Their cafe is amazing, which is no secret to most locals.  At lunch, you see many suits from the Capitol meeting there.

We had a beautiful afternoon enjoying the museum grounds, exploring an adjacent garden, and soaking in the warm sun.  Like I said before, it was an easy day for me.  My friend’s excitment and her family’s beauty are so evident and natural, it can’t be missed.

Thanks, guys, it was a real pleasure!  Enjoy!


w17 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w26 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w44 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w56 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w65 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w75 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w85 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w96 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w106 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w114 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

w123 City Girl *DC Childrens Photographer

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Yesterday, I posted some images of two close sisters who are growing into beautiful young ladies.  Today, I have another set of gorgeous sisters.  These two, though, are all baby.  And I LOVE their bright inquisitive eyes and their baby chub.  These little girls are just so CUTE!

It was a real pleasure to catch up with them again (you might recognize the older sister from some of my baby gallery images) and meet their newest addition.  What a precious little sister she is!  You have a beautiful family.  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me!



w16 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w25 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w35 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w43 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w55 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w64 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w84 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w95 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w105 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer

Evelyn 34 Little Sisters *DC Family Photographer


Meet my dear friend and her beautiful daughters.  Together, for 4 years, we’ve parented together, worked together, prayed many prayers together, and watched each other’s family grow.

This special day was the youngest’s birthday.  We met together to play and take portraits to document the year.  And while these sisters have plenty of fun together, I can’t help but look through my camera lens and see 2 little ladies growing up.  They are becoming so caring, smart, and mature.  They are beautiful inside and out, and I can’t wait to watch and admire them for years to come.

I love you!  I hope you know how gorgeous– inside and out– you are!


w15 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w24 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w34 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w42 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w54 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w63 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w74 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w83 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w94 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w104 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w113 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

w122 Sisters *DC Family Photographer

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Last Sunday I met up with this spunky girl and her parents down at the new Yards Park in DC.  The sun was warm, the park was neat, but this little girl’s smile was best part of the session  She just lights up the camera!  Her adorable freckles, beautiful curls, and energetic spirit are amazing.

After an hour of exploring the bridges, benches, and views, we wrapped things up.  Then, she looks at me with her great big smile and says,  “Great!  Can we play now?!”  I was whooped from all the activity.  I think her parents were too, but not this little friend.  She wanted more play time!

It was a blast.  I hope I captured just an ounce of her fun-loving spirit here.  Enjoy!

w14 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w23 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w33 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w53 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w73 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w82 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w93 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w103 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w112 Play Time *DC Family Photography

w121 Play Time *DC Family Photography

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When I received a photography request from this mom, she said she was on a quest for a fantastic family photo.  Tis the season when we all head outside and try to capture the perfect image for our holiday cards.  And that’s not easy to achieve!

This past Saturday morning, we headed to the Woodend Sanctuary to try to get a great family picture, and in our time together, we got that and so much more.  We got beautiful portraits of these blue-eyed beauties.  We played, explored, jumped, and enjoyed the bright morning sun.  It was a real pleasure.  Thank you for being so wonderful– enjoy!

w1 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w22 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w32 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w52 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w62 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w72 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w92 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w102 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w111 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w12 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

w13 Perfect Family Photo *DC Family Photographer

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Meet a big brother who is rockin’ Kindergarten, losing teeth left and right, and playing baseball like a pro.  Meet his little sister, a real beauty with mesmerizing eyes and spunk and grit that can’t be matched.  (See if you can make out the swing they made from a tree limb.  Creative and daring!)  Both are about to become a brother and sister again as the family is awaiting the arrival of a sweet little baby soon.

And meet their wonderful parents who display such authentic love, zeal for life, and natural beauty that shines from within.

I had such a fantastic evening with you all.  Thank you for being real, easy, and fun.  Enjoy!


w 1 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w21 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w31 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w41 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w51 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w61 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w71 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w7.5 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w81 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w91 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w101 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer

w11 Natural Beauty *DC Family Photographer


The third time is a charm!  After 2 rained out session dates, we finally got a beautiful fall afternoon to get together and take some stunning pictures.  Aren’t these children gorgeous?!  The big brother is such a gentleman, the middle brother is so affectionate, and the baby girl is the adored princess.

We had a lovely time together in their rose garden.  It was fun, relaxed, and pretty.

Thank you so much for being such joys.  Enjoy!


web1 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w2 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w3 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w4 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w5 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w6 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w7 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w8 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w9 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


w10 Family Love *DC Family Photographer


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