As my daughters and I left gymnastics last night, we were thrilled to notice that we didn’t need our flashlight to find our car.  (Those of you familiar with the parking situation at our local gymnastics spot will appreciate the juggle it is to get 3 little people to your car in the dark!)  We were thrilled we could see and the air was a bit warmer.  These are all signs of good things to come.

So, let’s celebrate spring with special pricing on a family photo session.  Spread the word!

spring special 2013 Annual Spring Special *DC Photographer

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Meet this sweet little princess.  Among her big family– 2 parents, 3 doggies– she rules the roost!  And that she should, she’s an adorable little angel who all adore.  I loved meeting up with her at her grandparents’ home and seeing her smile and light up when grandmother would call her name behind me.  But nothing beat the smile we saw when she sat down with her doggies.  Seeing her next to her 160 pound mastiff just tickled us all so– what a princess.  She may be the smallest in her family, but she’s the brightest of them all!

Enjoy these beautiful pictures!  Your baby girl is perfect in every way!


w1 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w2 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w3 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w4 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w5 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w6 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w7 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w8 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w9 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w10 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

w12 Little Princess *Chevy Chase Photographer

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What a sweet joy to meet this little baby boy and his family on a cold and brisk winter day.  All snuggled in their home, drinking coffee, resting, playing with puzzles and dice and stuffed animals, snuggling with the their new baby boy, and enjoying each other’s company.  Life with little children is hectic and takes a lot of work.  The time we set aside to just be together is precious.  And, it was an honor to come into their home and help document it for them.

It was an honor, and it was easy.  This little guy is relaxed and gorgeous.  He was awake most of my time there, just hanging out and checking out the world with his handsome blue eyes.  He is sweet and already greatly cherished by his family.

Congratulations to you all!  Your little guy is something special!

w50 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w511 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w52 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w54 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w55 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w56 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w57 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w58 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w59 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w60 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w611 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w62 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w63 Cherished Brother *DC Lifestyle Photographer


It’s always hard for me to pick my favorite images from a session, but this weekend, I just couldn’t do it.  It’s hard to leave images out when they are all so precious!  Precious and beautiful.

Meet this splendid family who genuinely loves being together.  They love each other and their boys so much, and what a pleasure it was to capture some of that family time together.  It was a gloriously sunny day, so we spent some time inside and out, the boys got to break some rules — jumping on the bed, dogs in the bed– and have some fun, and in the end, ice cream!  I love when photo sessions turn out to be quality family time too.

And not only was the time precious, it was beautiful.  Mom and dad have impeccable style and a talented eye for art and design.  Mom is a talented photographer as well-  you can find her at Stefanie what an honor to photographer her!  But most importantly, those little boys’ handsome faces!  How adorable are they?!

They are so CUTE!

w14 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w212 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w35 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w42 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w61 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w72 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w82 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w91 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w101 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w121 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w131 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w141 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w15 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w16 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w17 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w18 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w19 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer

w202 Happy Together *DC Lifestyle Photographer


I’m a children’s photographer.  I love to run around, roll in the grass, tell silly jokes, and play games to get the most authentic expressions from children.  I love taking pictures as children grow and mature.  I love their honest little faces and curious spirits.  Children’s photography is what I do best.

But from time to time, I take pictures of their parents, and that’s pretty fun too.  During most sessions, I ask parents if they want a couple picture.  Most haven’t had a professional picture since their wedding.  They usually jump at the chance and are so pleased.  I also will fit in a quick head shot picture if mom or dad need an upgraded LinkedIn or Facebook image.  We all need quality pictures of ourselves.

This time was a little different, though.  These parents, parents to 2 beautiful young girls, came to me alone.  They wanted pictures of themselves, couple pictures similar to an engagement session.  Except, unlike an engagement session, their love is deeper, stronger, more mature, and more beautiful now.  After years together, they are growing closer and looking forward to the years ahead, together, with their family.  And  I LOVED celebrating that.  I loved getting to document their love years after their wedding, years after their children, looking ahead to what is to come.

Such beauty.  Enjoy!


w11 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w210 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w33 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w41 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w51 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w71 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w81 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w9 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w10 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w12 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

w13 The Parents *DCs Family Lifestyle Photographer

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I’ve always found inspiration at I Heart Faces.  This week they’re running a contest for the “Best Face for 2012.”  As we’ve ended on year and started another, I’ve thought a lot about some of my favorite photography moments of 2012.  On a personal level, we welcomed a new baby girl this year, and I think her face has been my favorite to capture.  She changes so much everyday, and I love seeing her personality really emerge through her many expressions.  But, I can’t settle on an image for her.  My most recent is usually my favorite of our sweet baby.

There’s one image, though, that I’ve loved for months.  This spunky preschooler gave me some of the best expressions this year.  She’s got style, she’s got attitude, she’s got fun, and her gorgeous face shows it all.  Her face is so expressive and honest.  And here she is, collapsed on my blanket after an hour of running through the park, thinking….  thinking about something….  probably thinking of her next move.


Helene 12 blog Best Face 2012 *DC Childrens Photographer


 Best Face 2012 *DC Childrens Photographer

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Happy New Year!  There is not a better way to welcome the new year than to welcome a gorgeous new baby!

I was thrilled to meet my 5 week old niece over the holiday.  I had the true joy of spending time with the whole family in the home documenting their life as they prepared for their photos, taking some pictures of everyone together and the baby alone, and then teaching my sister-in-law and brother about their new DSLR camera.  Sidenote Parents with young children–  invest in a DSLR.  It doesn’t have to be super fancy; it just has to have a fast shutter speed to catch all your litte ones’ expressions!

Little baby sister is so well loved.  Their community has outpoured with love (love those pictured mugs!), her parents dote on her every move, her brother is proud, and her sister is just beside herself-hugging, kissing, stroking, all-eyes-on-deck kind of love.  It’s the kind of love that makes you teary-eyed because it’s so lavish and good and right.

I hoped to capture just a bit of what this new family of 5 is like now.  Enjoy this peek!



w201 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w211 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w221 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w231 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w241 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w251 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w261 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w271 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w281 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w291 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w301 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w311 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w321 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

w341 Welcome Home *Chevy Chase Family Photographer

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What a pleasure it was to meet these two little people last weekend.  They are the sweetest, most quintessential baby and toddler.  They light up when they see their mommy and daddy (and wonderful aunt).  They play and snuggle.  They hug and laugh so easily.   Their features are so perfect and pure.  She is the perfect toddler, and he’s the perfect baby.

I love these ages because every time I look through my lens, I catch a different look.  Babies and toddlers are so uninhibited, expressive, curious and so natural.  So I was not surprised to arrive home last weekend and flip through all the images we got to see so many gorgeous and different looks.

It was a real pleasure for me.  Thank you all  for a wonderful afternoon.  Enjoy!

w90 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w91 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w92 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w94 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w95 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w96 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w97 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w99 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w100 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w101 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w102 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

w103 Quintessential *Bethesda Family Photographer

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When these brothers and 1 gorgeous sister get together, they have fun.  They were itching to let lose and clown around, but first, we had to get some portraits.  We used the eclectic setting of Kensington’s Antique Row as our back drop, braved a cold foggy morning, and enjoyed our time as we got some great pictures.

All the little guy wanted to do was jump into his sibling’s arms, and so finally, we let him.  They were all tickled and I loved seeing the smiles on their faces.  And from there, they danced.  A 9am Gangum Style dance party.  I was laughing, their parents were laughing, and they were laughing.  Then off they went to their busy Saturday schedules.

As always, it was fun to photograph them.  It was fun to admire their good looks through my lens, and it was especially fun watching them dance.  Thanks guys!


w45 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w46 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w47 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w48 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w51 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w55 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w49 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w65 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

w66 Early Morning Fun *DC Family Photographer

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What a fun time I had with these special sisters.  They did such a great job sitting, posing, holding hands, but I could tell that I was just holding back their true spirit.  I was burying their inner divas.   They were just itching to show me what real models they were.  So when I said “strike a pose,” WOW, did they go for it or what!?

w70 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w71 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w72 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w73 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

76 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w77 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w79 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w80 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w81 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w432 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w789 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer


Unfortunately, their dad could not make it to our session, so I circled back with them the following day to try to get some pictures of the entire family.  We changed the scene to a Christmas theme.  Aren’t they so pretty?  But you know, as do I, that beneath their sweet posing is something fierce.  (-:  The greatest models are versatile!

I LOVED working with you.  So.Much.Fun.  Enjoy!

w82 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

w83 Girls!  *Bethesda Childrens Photographer

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