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August 28, 2012 First Day of School

Just like many of you, we sent our little girl off to school on Monday morning.  She is a new kindergartener.  *Tear!

It was a tremendously proud day for my husband and me.  Our little girl has come a long way.  We’re proud of her courage, excitement, and responsiblity.

She was so excited for school.  She couldn’t sleep Sunday night and was up bouncing around at 6am Monday morning.  She hurried through the morning, jumped for glee as we walked to the bus stop, and busily talked with her friends as we waited for the bus.  And then it happened so quickly.  The bus pulled up, the kids lined up (oldest first, youngest last), and to the bus they marched.  I leaned in for a final hug, she pushed me away, and never looked back.  And that was it.  Off she went on a gigantic yellow bus.

And home she returned with matching excitement.  She loved her day at school, but she says the best part is riding the bus because they don’t have to wear seat belts.  :-)

We love her and are so proud.  Before we know it, we’ll be snapping pictures of her on her graduation day.  *Tear!


web115 First Day of School


w2 First Day of School


w3 First Day of School


w4 First Day of School


w5 First Day of School


w6 First Day of School


web104 First Day of School



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A few months ago, I donated a session to a Family Fun Day in Silver Spring, MD.  The event raised money in support of blood cancers, a cause close to the organizers’ hearts and one that touches all of us.  It was a wonderful event, and I was pleased that this sweet family won my services.  They took full advantage of the session and got portraits of everyone.  It was truly my pleasure to take individual shots, couple shots, family shots, and more, especially since the grandfather was in town visiting.

We had a lot of fun together hanging out by the creek.  The family joked with each other, the dogs splashed in the water, and everyone was at ease.  There’s something so peaceful and easy about being outdoors.

I hope they’ll treasure these images for years, as they represent love, family, and life.  Family is precious, and it’s always special when everyone can be together.  Don’t forget to celebrate and record today.

Every day is a gift!


web113 Family *DC Family Photographer

web28 Family *DC Family Photographer

web33 Family *DC Family Photographer

web42 Family *DC Family Photographer

web63 Family *DC Family Photographer

web211 Family *DC Family Photographer

web83 Family *DC Family Photographer

web201 Family *DC Family Photographer

web103 Family *DC Family Photographer



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We met this little baby on Friday with tears in our eyes.  We’ve anticipated her birth for months and are thrilled for her arrival!  She’s beautiful and perfect.  And, she has the most wonderful parents you could imagine.  Congratulations to you all!  We love you all and can’t wait to see your little girl grow throughout the years!


web110 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web27 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web32 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web41 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web51 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web62 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer


web82 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web73 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographerweb93 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer


web102 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

web112 Sweet Baby Girl *DC Baby Photographer

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August 9, 2012 They’re married!

There’s an incredible church in Pittsburgh called Shepherd’s Heart, where people come to experience God’s love and restorative grace in some of the most tangible ways I’ve seen.  My husband and I were blessed to worship there while in seminary.  And while its a church that primarily reaches out to the homeless and addicted in Pittsburgh, its a transformative place for all who walk through their doors.

We knew the pastor’s daughter while she was in high school, and even in her youth, she was one of the most self-assured, compassionate, and talented people we knew.  And now that she’s older, she’s even more spectacular.  And so, it was with great joy, we got to see our friend Christen marry her love a few weeks ago.

The entire day was filled with love and friends and family pitching in to help. Her aunts were bustling about in the kitchen, her friend’s mom made the shaws for the girls, friends played the music while others filmed and photographed the event. Christen’s grandmother who couldn’t travel to the ceremony, sewed so many beautiful blankets for the children to use as picnic blankets during the reception. We have 2 here at home, and when my daughters cuddle with them, I think of the love and devotion they represent.

It was a perfect day of love and worship and celebration. We were thrilled to be there and witness it all.  And, I loved slipping behind the scenes to capture Christen and her bridal party prepare for the big moment.  Thanks for letting me help capture a part of your day, Christen.  You are such a stunning bride!

web15 Theyre married!

web26 Theyre married!

web5.5 Theyre married!

shep5 bw Theyre married!

web61 Theyre married!

web71 Theyre married!

web81 Theyre married!

web91 Theyre married!

web101 Theyre married!

web111 Theyre married!

web121 Theyre married!

web131 Theyre married!

web141 Theyre married!

web151 Theyre married!

web161 Theyre married!


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Our vacation to Colorado was fabulous.  The mountains and big skies make my heart soar.  We loved every special moment we had with our family, and now we’re home again, resting, recovering, and remembering all our fun adventures.

Every year, I make a book with the images from vacation.  It’s a yearbook of sorts.  We love looking through them all year and talking about all our family members.  This is especially wonderful for our kiddos as we live far from our family.  It helps us feel connected.

What do you do with your vacation photos?  I’m sure you’ve got some beautiful ones from this summer!  I encourage you– Get them off those memory cards and enjoy them!

web1 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web2 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web3 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web4 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web5 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web6 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web7 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web8 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web9 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web10 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web11 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web12 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web13 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web14 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web31 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web16 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web17 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web18 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web30 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web20 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web19 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web24 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web22 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web23 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web21 Vacation *DC Family Photographer

web25 Vacation *DC Family Photographer








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