May 2, 2012 At the hospital

Phoebe Elaine surprised us with an early arrival on April 23, 2012!  After a quick and easy delivery, I suffered some complications.  It was a wild ride, but it’s been a great reminder as to how precious life is.  I thank God for his blessings and provision, and I thank my doctors and nurses for their quick action and hard work.  I also thank all our friends and neighbors for their love and support.

I’m a broken record when it comes to newborn posts.  I always say “life is precious.”  But it’s true!  There’s always a moving story behind a baby’s birth.  It’s always remarkable and special.  Nothing is predictable or certain, and with each baby I meet and each story I hear, I am moved by the miracle.

Here are some images of our hospital stay from immediately following the birth to the day we went home.

Hosptial 33 At the hospital

Hospital 15 At the hospital

Hospital 11 At the hospital

Hosptial 12 At the hospital

Hospital 10 At the hospital


hosptial 55 At the hospital

hospital 56 At the hospital

hospital 57 At the hospital

hospital 58 At the hospital

hospital 23 At the hospital

Hosptial 14 At the hospital

hospital 22 b.w At the hospital


3 Responses to “At the hospital”

  1. rachel says:

    You all look so wonderful and so happy. 3 girls – what a blessed and special momma you are! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and sorry to hear that there were complications. Enjoy this special time in the life of your new babe and your newly expanded family. Mazel Tov. -raa

  2. dorry says:

    Phoebe is adorable, and you are so beautiful! I absolutely love seeing these photos of your precious (Large!) family. ;) xoxo

  3. Emily says:

    Little Phoebe is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen! She is so beautiful, I can’t take it! I’m so thankful to hear that God protected you, and that you’re all doing well now. You have such a beautiful family, Emily! Congratulations!!

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