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January 28, 2012 This guy is 4!

He is freshly 4 years old, but boy, does this little guy have some major plans!  He is building a sheriff station out of Lincoln Logs, saving the world with his space ship, looking for Pennsylvania with is binoculars, racing his parents, and feeding the birds with his raisins.  This Saturday morning, when everyone else is relaxing, he is ready to work. Full of creativity, action, and energy.

And that’s why my Saturday mornings are so fun. I get to spend them with super cool kids like him.

Nathan 16 8x10 This guy is 4!

Nathan 10 This guy is 4!

Nathan 345 This guy is 4!

Family 101 This guy is 4!

Nathan 15 This guy is 4!

Family 52 This guy is 4!

Family 45 This guy is 4!

Family 89 b.w This guy is 4!

Nathan 112 This guy is 4!


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Every time I sit down to write a post after a newborn session, all I can think to write is “nothing is better than the miracle of life.  Little baby, your parents love you so much.” And if you’ve read my blog for any time, you have read those words time and again.  I just can’t think of anything better to say.

I don’t know if there is anything better to say.

So after racking my brain for a more creative way to express the special blessing of this sweet little girl, I’ve decided to give up.  I’m just going with what is completely true.

It’s hard to look at this incredible family and not tear up.  Nothing is better than the miracle of life.  Baby girl, your parents love you so, so very much.

Family 13 b.w Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Livy 876 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 11 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 335 8x10 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Livy 55 5x7 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 16.2 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 111 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 10 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Livy 81 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

Family 234 5x7 Welcome Home, Baby Girl!

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January 22, 2012 Somebody is 1!

This is the day in the life of the cutest 1year old boy.  He eats gourmet food (loves sardines!), changes his clothes, reads books, plays with his toys, snuggles with his mommy and daddy, peers out the window, and plays some more.  This little guy is on the move (walking at such an early age) and full of joy!

Happy first birthday to you, little guy!  (And happy first year to the parents.  I think celebrating the first year of parenthood is a giant deal!)

Ned 8 Somebody is 1!

Ned 234 Somebody is 1!

Family 67 Somebody is 1!

Ned 12 Somebody is 1!

Ned 99 Somebody is 1!

Family goo Somebody is 1!

Ned 41 b.w Somebody is 1!

Family 13 Somebody is 1!

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January 18, 2012 The Home

I have some wonderful friends–Melina and Liza– who blog together HERE.  They are beautiful women with “champagne taste on a beer budget,” which is exactly what we all want, right?  Next week I’m going to guest blog for them about a DIY project that I have done in my girls’ room.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to…

Eloise in room The Home

Lots of painting, furniture moving, hanging, and actually re-arranging and re-hanging already.  More on that Tuesday on their blog . . .

So, as I’ve been putting my guest post together, I’ve been thinking about these two friends, their unbeatable style, and unlimited creativity.  I dug these images up from last March when I visited NYC and spent some time in Mel’s home.

Smith 6 The Home

smith 13 1 The Home

smith 7 1 The Home

Kids web The Home

I love spending time in people’s homes, capturing them in their unique environments, and taking home a few tips on the way.  Such style, beauty, and inspiration!




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January 13, 2012 Self-Portrait

Thursday morning I had the pleasure of meeting and taking pictures of a beautiful business woman for her new website.  It was a fun morning.  We talked a bunch and laughed because it’s not always easy for adults to get in front of the camera.  I’m no different!  I really don’t like getting my picture taken, either.

But after some conversations recently and having such an encouraging session on Thursday morning, I’ve decided to take some self portraits.

I have 2 children and have never had maternity photos taken of me.  But, this time around, I want to document this very special time in my life.  Here I am, changing places and stepping in front of the camera.  I’m 22 weeks pregnant and am so excited!


Emily 21 Self Portrait

Eloise and Mommy Self Portrait

Emily 6 Self Portrait

Emily 5 Self Portrait


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