Yesterday was a wonderful Saturday full of bike riding, decorating, and one giant pillow mountain in our living room.  While her little sister was napping, my husband cuddled up with my daughter to read a Christmas book.  Such a sweet moment!

I’m enjoying this December photo project.  I used to be an avid personal blogger with pictures and stories from our daily lives but with my business, I haven’t been able to maintain our family blog.  This is really making me miss that, though!  It’s what I love most about photography, especially lifestyle photography.  Catching those natural moments during the day.  The moments I don’t want to forget!


Day 3 Reading with Daddy on December 3


dpp banner 200x175 Reading with Daddy on December 3

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  1. gwen says:

    And, this is one moment you definitely don’t want to forget! So sweet.

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