What an outstanding birthday gift for this special Granddad.  For his birthday, he got a photo session with his family.  A special time to document and remember life as it is today.  Lots of smiles, kisses, screams, and even some tears.  Life as it really is with growing children!

I hope you can look back at these images and reflect on the beauty of your family in the years to come.  You have a precious family.  I know you are very proud.

Family 10 blog2 Happy Birthday, Granddad.

Annemarie and Mr. Mott 5x7 blog Happy Birthday, Granddad.

Family 18 blog Happy Birthday, Granddad.

Family 19 8x10 b w b Happy Birthday, Granddad.

Family 20 blog Happy Birthday, Granddad.

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  1. gwen says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet idea! I know this Granddad is proud.

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