May 28, 2011 1 Day Old

Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting this little guy in the hospital.  What a fresh little guy!  Just one day old.

He’s is dearly loved, and he’s done nothing to gain that.  His mere existence is enough for his mom, dad, extended family, and many many friends to love him unconditionally.

As I left the hospital, I could only think of that fact.  Such a floppy little man who can only eat and breath and squawk and a vast community still loves him so dear.  What power there is in life and in love!!  It’s a beautiful thing.

And little Jackson, you are a beautiful thing.  Your parents love you very, very much!  And, I hope you never forget that.

hospital 1 blog1 1 Day Old

hospital 9 blog1 1 Day Old

hospital 2 blog1 682x1024 1 Day Old

hospital 12 blog1 682x1024 1 Day Old

hospital 11 blog1 1 Day Old

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